Durango Districts Resource Page

Here you will find a library of educational and planning resources so that you can better understand the framework that the City of Durango and its citizens (are you in?) is using to ensure Durango’s future is as bright and unique as it’s past.  We love this place and are hard at work developing plans for smart growth that balance the many interests of our lively citizens, growth pressures and urban design best practices.

Durango Districts Video Playlist

For great and entertaining background into Durango Districts and trends in community development peruse our video library.

City Meetings

Story Maps

The city and our consultants have put together a series of interactive storymaps to help everyone have an enjoyable experience as they dive into the details of how and why deliberately planning for growth will help maintain and improve upon Durango’s outstanding quality of life.

Reports and Best Practices

Here you will find a curated list of reports that outline the scholarship behind the Durango Districts plans for the future.  We hope that you enjoy them and are able to learn some things from the great people and institutes that dedicate themselves to uncovering and promoting best practices in urban development.


City Planning Documents

Here you will find planning documents that help outline and set direction for the Durango Districts Initiative.