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Join us for the College & 8th Character District Community Open House! 

February 13th • 5:30 to 7:00 PM

Park Elementary • 510 E. 6th Ave.


Our Home, Our Future

Get involved with the Durango Districts Initiative and help envision the future of our community.

90% of people prefer to live within an easy walk of other places and things in their community.*
$4 to $5 Billion of estimated savings in transportation, water, sewer, and utility infrastructure that could be realized by following a compact neighborhood development model in Salt Lake City**
60% of employers felt that high housing costs impacted their ability to attract employees.***
5% to 8% increase in commercial property values that are more walkable than comparable properties.****

****University of Arizona & Indiana University, 2010

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Why Stay Engaged?

The Durango Districts Initiative is more than planning where buildings go on a grid, it’s about defining our future as a community. It’s about sharing, listening, collaborating and building a beautiful and livable vision for the future of Durango.  We know not everyone will agree on how to move forward, but we believe that having great productive conversations and fruitful exchange of ideas will make the vision better.

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There are lots of ways to get involved!

Stay Informed!  It’s the easiest way to get involved.

Let us know what you are thinking.

A major part of the Durango Districts Initiative is to get public feedback.  We know great ideas come from everywhere and that our citizens have great perspectives that can help inform the direction of development.   Take a moment to contribute your opinion.

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Come to a Public Meeting

We will be hosting meetings throughout the year.  These meetings will include topics such as new initiatives, public commenting, public collaboration on project vision and implementation.

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book-16-256Learn about Durango Districts Initiative

We are curating a library of resources that explain what science says about how our built environment affects our well being and best practices for making great communities better.  First, we recommend going to our District News section to view videos that provide context for our plans. Then don’t hesitate to peruse our planning docs.

Learn Some Things!

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