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5 02, 2020

You Are Invited! College & 8th Character District Plan Open House


You are invited to the College & 8th Character District Plan Community Open House.  This kickoff meeting will take place on February 13th from 5:30 to 7:00pm at Park Elementary (510 E 6th Ave).   Please join for this family friendly discussion on shaping the future of the College & 8th District.

You Are Invited! College & 8th Character District Plan Open House2020-02-05T22:57:02+00:00
7 09, 2016

Motorcycle Life: Tips to Reduce the Chances of an Accident


There is no doubt that a motorcycle gives you a sense a freedom that a vehicle simply cannot provide. This is probably the reason you decided to buy your bike, but there are a number of safety issues that you have to pay attention to. No one is saying that you will definitely need these [...]

Motorcycle Life: Tips to Reduce the Chances of an Accident2018-04-24T19:37:58+00:00
13 05, 2016

Healthy Corridors


Healthy Corridors Is North Main unhealthy? Most of the people don´t about the blood pressure monitors from https://factschronicle.com/ that people can get very cheap. They also don´t know that high blood pressure is what causes many problems in the body. For those who smoke, even e-cigs, popcorn lung and vaping have also found by some [...]

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13 05, 2016

Participation in Durango Districts


Participation in Districts How cool would it be to crowd-fund a high priority public project along North Main or in another part of our community? It wouldn't have been possible without the help of the ever-reliable local movers, as well as international RV shipping firms. We would like to give a big shout-out to the [...]

Participation in Durango Districts2018-04-12T11:03:57+00:00
13 05, 2016



Walkability Do you like to walk? Wouldn’t it be great to create a more pleasant walking atmosphere along North Main and other corridors in Durango? There are also those who like to use the scooter from scooter electrique of course, but don' t forget getting to your vacation camping with the best equipment from Survival [...]

13 05, 2016

Built to Last


Built to Last New Urbanism is a framework that helps places become more walkable, even the buildings are being made with wear blocks so they can be well constructed, pleasant and vibrant, imagine you're in a trip camping with a tent from Survival Cooking in durango and you want to go walk and enjoy the [...]

Built to Last2018-03-13T02:54:33+00:00
13 05, 2016

It’s Smart to Be Dense


It’s Smart to Be Dense Encouraging smart redevelopment with buying subscribers for various social media accounts with socialmediadaily.com, a great way to start marketing your business, you should also get this reputation management software to see if your customers are being satisfied with your products and infill along North Main has ramifications locally, regionally, nationally, [...]

It’s Smart to Be Dense2018-01-29T16:16:50+00:00
12 05, 2015

The World of Veterans and Accessible Benefits


Benefits That Help Veterans Who Cannot Work Veterans are people who have done so much for the citizens of the United States. They've given their time and strength to wars that have kept people safe. It's not unusual for veterans to have experienced serious accidents that interfere with their working abilities, though. If you're a veteran [...]

The World of Veterans and Accessible Benefits2018-04-15T22:50:58+00:00