Project Goals

Engage Citizens to Identify & Enhance the Character Districts

Citizen engagement is the key driver behind creating updated, forward-looking district plans that reflect the desires of residents, business owners, and property owners as well as new methodologies in planning practice.

Advance the Comprehensive Plan & Identify LUDC Updates

Durango’s character assessments and district plans take major ideas from the Comprehensive Plan and apply those recommendations at the district level. Furthermore, the findings from the assessments and community visioning processes will result in proposals to update the Land Use and Development Code (LUDC) and zoning map. These updates will ensure that future development and redevelopment in the districts is what our community wants.

Recognize Themes & Determine Focus Areas

All of these districts have strategic advantages based on their history and location. Underutilized assets exist that can be used to enhance the vitality and solidify the identity of each district. District plans identify those key features and include long-term visions for capitalizing on these assets.

Enhance the Public Realm & Highlight Local Arts and Culture

The plan will recommend improvements to existing public spaces and will identify opportunities to engage local residents and artists in enlivening these existing spaces.

Explore Possible Organizational Structures for District Improvements

Special Districts, Urban Renewal Authorities, Public-Private Partnerships, and other capacity-building tools will be evaluated as options for sustaining the long-term vitality of each District.

Spur Revitalization & Appropriate Redevelopment

The visioning, branding, and regulatory improvements will all be designed to provide clear direction for landowners and developers regarding the types and forms of land uses that are desirable in each of the districts. Information will be organized to be accessible and Projects that achieve the goals of the district planning efforts will have a more direct path towards gaining project approvals.

Dig into Some Details!

Below is a presentation that has great context for the economic vitality that accompanies dense urban environments.  With a bountiful supply of green spaces and public lands, Durango is destined to grow up and in, creating a bustling, culturally vibrant place to live, work and play.